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Boys All-Net Info



The Laguna Beach NJB Chapter’s philosophy is that BYT is for the highest caliber players from our chapter.  It gives the most advanced players a chance to play at a higher level than through our recreational program.  The BYT teams will host and travel to other chapters to compete against other BYT teams as representatives of our chapter.  Playing on an BYT team is a privilege and not a right.  It is something to aspire to for the kids wishing for advanced play.  As such, we feel that based on the numbers of players in our chapter, the following rules will help to keep our elite players playing at a higher level and keep the skill level at our chapter from being diluted.

Additional Information 

1.  Number of Teams

There will be no more than 1  team per grade team.  

2.  Coach Selection

Anyone with previous coaching experience wishing to apply for a position as an BYT coach must submit an application to the BYT Committee.  All applicants will be interviewed by the BYT Committee.  The committee will make the final determination for each team coach.  There are no exceptions.  The All-Star coach from the previous season is not guaranteed the BYT coaching position.

3.  Number of Players

Each team roster will consist of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players. If an existing team lacks the minimum number of players due to roster changes beyond the control of the league, the coach of the team is responsible for finding and adding another player(s) to meet the minimum requirements before the next season begins.

4. Tryouts

All new non-returning players must try out for BYT.  All returning players can tryout, but can be excused by the BYT committee if it is determined the player is qualified.   However, If the BYT Committee does not agree that player should be guaranteed a spot, that player must tryout or risk not make the team at the discretion of the BYT Committee.

Selected coaches must be at the BYT tryouts. Times by grade are posted  at

5. Team Selection Process

No player is guaranteed a spot, even by the coach.  The BYT Committee makes the final determination on the team roster and will act in the best interest of all players trying out.  The BYT Committee will make every effort to be fair to all kids trying out such that deserving kids are not left off teams due to favoritism or other reasons.   

6. Certification

All players must be certified by the Chapter.  Verification documents (birth certificate and report card) must be available theBYT Committee at tryouts.

Lastly, Laguna Beach NJB highly promotes and encourages the involvement of teams in area tournaments that are outside BYT. The level of competition is these tournaments is typically higher than that of BYT and therefore fosters a development of skills for players and teams that are beyond the BYT level.  It is recommended that these tournaments are used to supplement the various BYT seasons.  Please contact one of the board members for tournament information.